Monday, December 20, 2010

Facts And Myths About Microwaves

Whether you own a microwave oven or not, chances are you've thought about the possibility that its use could be harmful to you and the people in your household. You might have heard statements from neighbors and friends saying that microwaved food poses serious health risks, not to mention the ones caused by electromagnetic wave emissions issuing from the device. And then there are others who attest to the fact that these are pure myths or old wives' tales.

It's difficult to come up with a final supposition due to the mixed opinions about the safety of microwaves. In this article, we make an attempt to separate them in order for you to better decide if it's wise to have a microwave oven lying around in your kitchen.

Microwave Food Is Cooked From The Inside Out: Myth

Contrary to popular belief, microwave ovens don't cook food from the inside out. Microwave ovens heat the food starting from the surface. This in turn excites the water molecules, which facilitates the heat transfer inside the food. If you have tried cooking a big chunk of meat using a microwave before, you might have noticed that the full effect of the cooking can reach a depth of about one inch inward.

Boiling Water In A Microwave Causes Explosions: Fact

Boiling water in a microwave can elicit an explosion if left alone for too long. This is because the bubbles are suppressed in the heating process, thereby causing the water to reach past its boiling point. If water is disturbed, it will release the suppressed heat and in turn cause the water to erupt.

To prevent this from happening, boil water at the minimum time. Placing a conductor such as clean wood can also prevent eruptions.

Microwaves Emit Harmful Radiation: Myth (in most instances)

The radiation that comes from microwave ovens is non-ionizing, making it much safer than ionizing radiations being emitted by X-Ray machines, nuclear radioactive decay and ultraviolet light.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips on Salmon Cooking

Season the salmon with butter and replace the cleaning. Ninety-two format into a greased 10 minutes per 1 inch thick, preheat oven to 350 degrees are cooking. Measure the thickest point. Once the salmon should be different.

Use a steamer basket and steamed. Arrange rack in a pan fish, salmon, part liquid (wine, water, etc.) should be applied. Season salmon lightly with water, add spices and herbs. Cover and simmer. Steam the salmon medium 1 minute per ounce. In addition, portions of fish, cheese cloth, a part of the whole initiative is to remove them from the wrapping.

Assemble the chicken broth, white wine, the poaching liquid water mixture. Add a cup of tea spoon Rooney bouquet and has low heat. BE in the skillet and make sure there is liquid to cover fish. Pouches 6-7 minutes. Lou D'lemon sauce and a warm can not provide.
Offers ice cold in the fridge.

Bread pans:
Ppanhurayippansake is a delicious appetizer. The trick to frying oil or butter before the temperature is to be able to do. It captures the oil and juice, and salmon to keep them from. You heat the oil too much smoke to Rock eotdo. The default is to include the fish with a cloth soaked wipe clean. Slope portion of the fillet or steak or milk, cracker crumbs and flour in. Click on the season are similar to the one. Stake your oil, meat and thick enough to cover half of the need to deepen. Stir until brown, about 3-5 minutes on each side of the above medium heat.

Oven-baked bread at least 10 minutes in advance. Fillets and steaks quickly in cold water wash. Dust lightly with flour, and the salmon. Brush with butter and sauce over the salmon. Ten 2-3 inches and place it on the broiler rack. While you baked them, but the butter 仕付け often do not have to use salmon. Finally, a little spice to add butter to sauce. Cook salmon steaks on both sides to select a number were destroyed as well.

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